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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  December 5, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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we absolutely believe that the number of fire fatalities will increase >> the death toll rises following the inferno in oakland. but now, the search can continue, there are concerns about the stability of the building. >> firefighters are working under a wobbly collapsing wall is extremely dangerous. it will not put our firefighters in danger and we will not put the alameda county sheriff's the sheriff in that situation. -- sheriff in that situation. we are at the scene of the deadly warehouse fire. and, we just learned new information, there is a power outage for much of the district as many as 500 people could be affected. the power being cut out to bring in a large crane. >> yes, the power outage is
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expected to last about 12 hours. the crane is being brought in to help with recovery process. we learned early this morning about 1258 the crane is being brought in to help with recovery process. we learned early this morning about 12:58 am, -- 12:58 pm, but it had to be halted because there were concerns about deputies. and, that the building was not quite secure. they had to pull everyone out, we did learn a few hours ago, that the process is back underway. >> reporter: that's what has changed. what has stayed the same as the number of people confirmed dead is at 26. they have been busy working to identify 11 of those victims have been identified. that is up from eight. we do not have those three new names to bring you. they say that they have identified the location where the fire is health started. but the cause is unknown. again, there was a work stoppage but we learned minutes ago, that that had been lifted. >> and i want to introduce you to the sheriff alameda county. thank you for taking the time.
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>> and, first off i just have to say, we've been thinking about you a lot. we know that one of your deputies has lost a child. and convert your the scene have you gone inside of the building? >> yes. we have been inside a number of times to evaluate the safety conditions for our people and, a plan to remove any additional victims should we find them. >> what was your reaction when you walked around? >> it's terrific. i can't imagine how people were able to get out with the lights out in the smoke and the fire it's remarkable that anybody got out of there. >> some people have described it as a disaster waiting to happen. i cannot imagine they had access to the building before what happened. >> i have only been here with the loss of life. >> but certainly what you saw speaks to what many describe as the staircase, no clear exit certainly no big red exit time
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did you get that once inside? >> what was shocking to me is that there were motorhomes inside of the main structure. the one that caused most of the fire in there are two motorhomes very close to one another. so, they created an obstacle for anyone trying to get out. >> so many years in law enforcement and is a your opinion that nobody should have been living in this space? >> absolutely. is no way that they should have any type of individuals in their vehicles and debris, there's musical equipment copies wiring all over the place. it was just unsafe. >> reporter: 36 people have been confirmed dead. can you talk about the work and the corners off the shooter coroner's office has been doing are they getting help out? >> right now, we are working 12 on 12 off at everybody fully employed. we have not needed to call in
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for outside services and, we are doing very well. we have been able to identify 33 of those 36 individuals at least on a tentative basis. three of those victims have not been able to be identified because of either being extremely burned or one has no id and no means for us to identify them. >> when you say 33, have a family members been notified about those 33? >> we're up to 15 portable how five pending that we are going to try to do later on or were are doing right now as we speak. and, other identifications will be made. to confirm, the matching tattoos or jewelry or dental work, things of that nature. back how many people -- >> reporter: how many people are working inside right now back >> before the structure was ruled unsafe we had a number of teams.
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each one was working in different segments of the complex. >> and, right now there's only one team working there. that's ats because, if the building walls were to does -- to collapse there's no way for them to get out. there's one or two atf working in their at any one time and they are going over it very carefully. >> it's in the stage, where they suspect that the origin was. and, some of the images that i saw i would like to clarify when you see the bobcat come in, we have done is clear the zone inside of the main structure and we have piece by piece hand by hand brought the debris into that clearing section. then, when they go through that section it gets put onto a bobcat and it's removed from the area. later on, it will go through the debris one more time to make sure that we have not missed anything. >> we will use cadaver dogs and real people will be going out there to make sure that nothing was missing. >> thank you so much for
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joining us. >> well, the rest of the investigation, i know that we have been working on that aspect. we will bring her in now for the latest on what you been able to find. >> well, i just want to reiterate what we pointed out. the update that we just got from police that there is a plan the power outage that you had mentioned, 50 to 500 customers could be affected. the reason that is happening is because they are bringing in a crate to do and help with recovery efforts. all of this is happening after the work stoppage during those overnight hours around midnight this morning. workers discovered that the building warehouse was unstable and they were concerned about it caving in. so they pulled everyone out. earlier this morning, the chief told us that they would not be able to go back it -- go back inside. that has changed. i asked the policeman what change -- i asked what changed and she said they were able to
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speed up the process quicker than expected though they resumed the work going through the warehouse and looking for more of those victims bodies. she did not say that they had recovered any additional bodies the count is still 36 so far. also this morning we heard from the chief who explained a little bit about the new information that they had learned about a possible origin we do not know what caused the fire but she talked about, that they had learned new information about where the fire may have begun at 11:30 pm on friday night. >> based on a significant charring and the damage in the building, we have gotten some areas where this is actually twisted and wrapped in the back of the building. we can see fire spreading atf and our local investigators have identified the section of thbuilding that is the area of origin. >> the firefighters believe that it started in the back of
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the building although they are not sure if it start on the first or second floor. this is what this looks like inside before the fire. we spoke with a former tenant of the collective she said that she used to pay $700 a month to rent an rv from the property manager. the are the inside of the warehouse in that is what people would do they would pay several hundred dollars to rent an rv or a shared space. she says that those conditions inside were very unhealthy and not safe. >> they blocked the back stairway because they always run the electrical cords there. so, when there is an event they brought the back stairway because they didn't want people walking and tripping over all the illegal court. there was a second exit upstairs pass the balcony they boarded it over. they broke for the wall and they boarded it over. after all of the electric was running from. >> she told us that she wanted to come to the site and to speak out because she said she knew that the conditions are
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not warehouse presented a fire hazard in she says that she feels badly about what happened. she also said that police had been to the house before and that is something a short time ago i was able to confirm. police did know about problems at this house with a dispute and other problems with property and issues between some of the tenant but, she did not go into detail about how many times the police once the house and whether police had been inside. this is an ongoing investigation. the das office has sent the criminal investigative unit to the site that happens anytime that there is an event of this magnitude as common procedure. but as you know when there is an investigative unit on scene it could lead to investigate -- criminal charges. we do not know yet. thank you. >> and as we heard, 33 of the 36 bodies that have been polled
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have been tentatively -- tentatively identified. and, 15 families have been notified that they have lost a loved one. janine has more with more on those victims. >> lives lost too soon many of these men and women who died in the fire shared a love for art and music. families and friends are sharing the grief. she was 30 years old in from walnut creek. her friends posted that she was a gardener and a teacher at a school. rest in peace messages are being posted on social media for nick gomez is 25-year-old. he worked at counterpoint press a publishing house in berkeley. they described him as kind considerate hilarious and inessential part of our team. the 22-year-old caches was a transgendered woman. she was a member in a band. she was represented by the records company who said that
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she was without a doubt one of the most talented and loving people. it will never be the same. travis half is from oakland. a 35-year-old musician who founded the ghost of lightning. he worked as an expressive arts therapists. colleagues admired his spirit and creativity. this is david cline. a 24-year-old posted a message thinking them saying, we love you, he will be with us always. the 32-year-old was from oakland. friends say he worked as she works at the coffee roasters. described as a wonderful friend and an angel. they lived in oakland and heyward. friends say that the 32-year- old also went by chase. he was a lead vocalist and a band. that's an event. a friend wrote he was one of the most creative and talented musicians. and he will be missed severely. and, the youngest victim was an 11th grader at the school of
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arts in san francisco. the san francisco chronicle identified him. they say that he was a member of the school's vocal department. the superintendent released a statement saying, it is painful and pointy -- painful that they lost their lives. the more and especially deeply for a student. and, with for his family. more names of those who have passed will be surfacing later in the day. and, that really is what so many people are focusing on the number of people confirmed dead. and, their lives, before it ended in a tragic way. i have been here, and i was talking with a woman who came here to bring flowers. and, she brought flowers, and she was visibly upset and i
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approached her slowly and i said, are you here because you have been touched by this? and i said, did you lose someone? and i said was a confirmed? and she said yes. and, i can understand that the confirmation gave her piece. and, so many are wondering whether or not their loved ones by some small miracle they made it out >> and there are probably many like her that she doesn't just go home by herself. hopefully people will come and give her a hug. the past few days have been hard . especially for those who are missing loved ones. family members are not the only ones waiting for updates. one man says that he is worried about his coworker. he says that his coworker is that he may have been working at the night of the party. >> it's becoming a hard reality.
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once again, until we had any type of identification. >> in the meantime, a candlelight vigil is planned for 8 pm tonight at lake merritt. people are being asked to meet right here at the upmarket arrow and lakeshore avenue. >> and coppice tragedy is resonating throughout oakland in the bay area. it will be on the president. and, today their prayers go out. the aftermath of this fire. and, we do not know the toll of this disaster, and american community has been devastated. any people including young men and women. and, tragically have lost their lives. and, they are one of the most diverse and creative cities in our country. and families in residence pull together in the wake of this
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awful tragedy. they will have the unwavering support of the american people. we have continuing coverage at for all the information just go there to our home page. we have much more straight ahead.
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we are live at the scene of that deadly fire.
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mike should come about 2 pm this afternoon. right now, people who live and work here are having their power cut off. crews can bring in a huge construction crate to do with those efforts. >> this is my first time here and as soon as i stepped out of the vehicle late this morning it was just like you had felt the sadness and the chill. immediately may had turned to find the warehouse where was and i've never been there in 20 years of doing it were 36 people have been killed. i don't want to think about it. and, you think about what they went through. and then, i saw two girls were bringing down tarbox for the crew. and, you see the teamwork not only from lawn worsening but also from the community starting to come out. >> we definitely see it coming together. we've been covering the
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district. if a working-class community, many immigrants, and people have been talking about the taco trucks. it is a beloved community that has been hit hard. we're staying on top of the fire and we begin the president -- presidential politics pick >> trumpet is announcing another -- trump is announcing another candidate. >> president-elect donald trump transition team making it official. longtime republican rival ben carson has been tapped for the role secretary. of housing and urban development or hud. >> his rise from detroit from being a world leader in his field gives him an opportunity to have more authority and i think that he can really play a significant role in improving the lives of inner-city african- americans in particular. >> that carson news as
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political watchers and media pundits alike are embroiled in the presidential game of who will serve in mr. trump's cabinet. with secretary of state role creating perhaps the most intrigue mitt romney, john bolding, are all reportedly still the mix. along with a new batch of possible names including senator. bob corker former cia director david panchayats in the former united states ambassador to china, john huntsman. a plea for patients coming from chumps senior advisory -- trump's senior advisor. >> is the best connector and communicator. he just pulled off the upset of a century. in the fact is, you have to trust his instincts. >> ambassadors huntsman's name particularly interesting considering the hardline that he is taking with china. the last thing, their monetary policy and a tweet this morning. >> michigan and minnesota begin recounting today in response to
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a challenge from dr. jill stein. this wednesday march 75 years of the japanese attack on pearl harbor and the first time ever a sitting japanese prime minister will visit the site. he will visit pearl harbor in hawaii later this month alongside president. obama. earlier this month president. obama visited hiroshima. and a memorial to the victims of the atomic that ended world war ii. outside of our doors, a mix of sun and clouds in temperatures are cooler today. we will be on a cooling trend for the next two days. make sure that you have your jacket along. and a view here, looking is, we are covering clouds at this moment. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies. temperatures again are chilly. 52 santa rosa, 51 nevada, into
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the inner east bay we have 52. livermore, around the bay, a lot of 50s. 53 san francisco, and into the south bay 56. temperatures are cooler. and, just a tad cooler than when we were 20 years ago -- 20 ago. and, you can see that coming into the north, and mostly cloudy in and out of the clouds as this continues to stream in. and, it is by wednesday, things start to change. by wednesday night, thursday, friday, rain is in the forecast. for the next couple of days, we're going to be partly cloudy skies us is what is expected for the afternoon highs looking
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at middle 60s in areas right around the lake oh, low 60s san francisco, and we shifted to the south bay, temperatures will remain on the cool side and partly to mostly cloudy. and, 64 expected for san jose. here's a look at your extended forecast. we do have chilly weather that will remain in place for your afternoon tomorrow. that temperature falls off just a bit more. middle 30s to midshipman 40s. partly cloudy skies, a little fog and into the afternoon middle to upper 50s in that forecast wednesday, and increasing cloud cover temperatures will remain quite cool as we get into wednesday night, things start to change the scattered showers in the forecast. notice temperatures come up with not a whole lot. remaining close to the second part of the business week. partly to mostly cloudy skies temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60 for the afternoon.
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when i come back, i will have a look at that futurecast model. back to you. thank you. right now, let's take a quick look at the stock market to see how things are going. the nasdaq and the tao are up 46. and, 50 both being led by financials and tax. it will take a quick break.
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and, welcome back. we have the coverage of the deadly warehouse fire here in the city of oakland. for about 8.5 hours this morning, rescue crews, work crews were forced out due to concern that the building may actually collapse. we learned 30 minutes ago that work began again just about 9 am specifically, the atf focusing on the backside of the building. that is where they have determined the origin of the fire. no word yet on the cause. but they know, that somewhere in the back of the building is where the fire started. and, international boulevard was known as a ghost ship collective. these are the pictures from photographer evan harar. he took them during a concert inside of the warehouse. they say that they are having difficulties searching the building because of the labyrinth like layout. >> and how you think about the
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descriptions from people who have heard who have been inside the skin -- staircase. >> just can't twist and turns. -- yes, those twists and turns. >> yes. it sounds like it wasn't like this. so it's focus more on the actual building. well, alex savage has been looking into the man who has been said to leave that collected and ashley that collective -- lead the collective. >> yes. good afternoon. the man who ran the artist collective as you point out facing intense criticism this afternoon a lot of people including city officials feel like he knew about potential fire hazards and he simply ignored those problems. the man who ran it has been identified as the 46 rolled derek ion albina. he has been staying here at the marriott hotel in downtown oakland.
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we have not been able to speak with him this far. his wife, and three children all lived at the warehouse that they were not staying there when the fire broke out. >> this is youtube video of him he was known to most people in the community. he built the community and rented out living spaces inside of the building to people and former tenants point out as we have pointed out, that there were even are these parked inside of the ship that people lived in. even before the fire he was being investigated for illegal construction inside of that warehouse and we have talked with former tenants who say that there is faulty wiring. this morning we spoke with -- we spoke with one man. he escape the deadly fire on friday night. he says that spaces like this one exist in part because of
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the bay area's housing crisis. >> we lost a lot of great people. a lot of bright souls you know i think that has a lot to do with the housing issue in the city and forced to live in these spaces and we do it because we have nowhere else to go. >> and, the manager of this collective is also facing a backlash over his initial response to the deadly fire in a facebook post that was written the following morning, he wrote, everything that you have worked -- i've worked so hard for is gone. he never made mention of the people who died. but it's unclear if he wears -- if he was aware that people had been killed. the city of oakland has come out responding to reports of trash and debris. at that particular warehouse his district includes the place
12:31 pm
where this warehouse is. he knows the manager of the artist collective he talked about it with his earlier this morning. >> i have met him several times based on my complaints with what he's doing on the sidewalk and certainly -- >> what did he say when you approached him? >> he did clean it up several times and i even had the police come with me to make sure he removed the debris. >> and the owner of the building has leased the space to use it as an artist collective and the owner points out that it was not meant to be a place for people to live but that is what was going on. and that's part of why they were looking into what was happening at the ghost ship even before the fire. officials also point out that they never got any sort of a permit for the party the concert that was taking place and we should also point out that we are learning more according to court records about the background.
12:32 pm
apparently right now is in the middle of serving a three-year term probation term for pleading guilty to a charge of receiving stolen properties. it's unclear exactly what that is all connected to. he is reportedly staying here at the marriott hotel in downtown oakland. we have been speaking with him to get his comments on what has taken place. we have not been able to reach him. >> thank you. and of course, our coverage continues on the ktvu. and, at ktvu.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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warehouse fire that killed 36 people. that's the latest number that we have. they have searched for about 70% of the warehouse building. that leaves about one third left and they say that they believe that the number of fatalities will go up. >> and in the last five minutes or so we saw a drone above the building. we are not sure who owns the drone. we soften deputies up there at an adjacent rooftop but it's interesting that they may be getting a different perspective with a drone. i want to bring in hallie quit -- alley -- alley rasmussen who has been on the scene.
12:36 pm
we're learning more about those victims. >> yes, the latest number from the sheriff's office tentatively id 33 of the 36 victims 15 families had been notified there's three people that they said that they can't i -- id because of the condition of the bodies when they found them unfortunately, we've also learned that there are international victims of this fire from korea in finland. and also a south american country that sergeant. kelly was not ready to diebold. but they are in communication with the conflict. an area of interest that they are focused on his the back of the building that's really a believes that the fire began because of the way that the metal burned and some of the fire science techniques that's really have identified where it may have started have not had a chance to search that area the
12:37 pm
concern is that they could find more victims. >> we just heard live, he described rvs parked inside of the building we are hearing were to propane tanks so it seems to be such a complicated and convoluted that up >> yes, talked to several people who had been inside. and depending on who you talk to there's a different narrative. some described it as beautifully decorated others described it as absolutely hazardous. one that we spoke with said she lived there about five months the 2015 and she said that she played thus paid $700 a month to rent the rv. he could write one, or a community space or a shared communal space. there was one bathroom for everyone who lived there and she said that the rvs were heated everyone had personal heaters. and she also said that there were electrical wires through some of those back sterols.
12:38 pm
>> not up to code. >> yes. but some people thought that it was a safe space. others came in left. >> that could of been the life- and-death difference for those people who egg knowledge that you know that there is something wrong in they needed to get out. and it's hard to find a spot. and, others may have been inside. and, when the power is spotty, i can only imagine of smoke is billing the building. the woman that we talked to said it was hard enough to live there permanently. and, how to navigate all of the rvs and sculptures that they had. can you imagine how difficult it would of been? >> i knew that i know that the mayor was talking about priorities. and, i'm also curious at some point, though similar buildings talking to law enforcement. and, have you heard any
12:39 pm
information? and, knocking on those doors? >> we spoke with councilman who represents a district. he has been out here every day since this happened and his big push is to make a permanent enforcement a priority. and father's question about how much they knew about the problems. and, there have been -- the tenant that we spoke with such it going to police to report stolen property. but, they have made it more strictly imposed for those -- enforcement is where houses not being occupied in a manner that they were intended for. >> yes, councilman said that we all dropped the ball. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. we are hearing from people who
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didn't survive -- who did survive. we talked to one woman who escaped from the first floor. >> i woke up because there was smoke everywhere. i woke up in my entire space was filled with smoke and i could see this orange glow and i got on my coat and i looked in there is just a wall of fire. it was well over 8 feet high and i just started heading for the front door. i was calling for help and nobody could hear me and i sort of went straight to the front door and other people were starting to come out and look at was going on. i started to call 911 and a minute after i had gotten out of the building, the power went out.
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>> reporter: she also says the people who got out ran to the fire department to get help. the fire department says that they responded immediately. >> i know what the family hours after we saw people arriving list& and blanket for all of those at the media vocation. we have had people bring boxes of donuts but it's really amazing to see oakland come together in one company doing that is blue bottle coffee. they are certainly showing their support for all those affected by the fire. yesterday, the blue bottle cafi took the extraordinary step of donating all of their sales. it's to a fund to help victims and the victim's family. it is certainly a big name. it's across the world. they got its start right here in oakland and combat i believe was more than a decade ago.
12:42 pm
>> bluebottle not alone. and, a headquarter here also making a donation to help those families. and, it's going $50,000 to help with costs the medical giant released a statement saying that they are deep -- deeply saddened by the loss of life. and that they are committed to oakland. >> something else that they are known for, the fierce love of their sports teams. and a number of them are stepping up to get back. specifically the oakland a's were the first to step up. in the first promised to match up to $30,000. that number has now ballooned and this stands at $50,000. those are matching funds from the oakland aid. the raiders are also joining. they will be matching up to $50,000.
12:43 pm
the raiders held a moment of silence before yesterday's game against the head coach also -- also offered prayers for the victims and their families. >> and, very proud of this area and the people in this area. several people have had their lives taken away. and, it's really sad. so, our prayers go out to all those people. >> the total is all ready more than $82,000. on the basketball side of things, the golden state warriors have pledged another $50,000. >> and it should be quite a sight. there is a candlelight vigil planned or not that's not far from where we are. -- that is not far from where we are. they are asked to meet by the pergola. lake merritt is often --
12:44 pm
referred to as the jewel of oakland. we are on the scene, and covering the news. we will have the weather after a short break. just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of.
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we are at the scene of that massive fire. we are an hour and 15 minutes away from that next scheduled briefing. i think that the number that everyone is fixating on is that 36, no number of victims. and, they do expect that to go
12:47 pm
up. >> we did hear that they have tentatively identified 33 of those victims. it's a good sign for those families who are wondering where their loved one is. for more on other news of the day, it across the country let's go to 10 in our studio. >> okay. thank you. protestants dost protest in north dakota became celebrations. >> we are celebrating a victory . >> [applause] >> it has been denied a permit. >> the army corps of engineers is turning down the government's request for a permit that decision comes in the wake of a month-long protest at standing rock. opponents say that it is dangerous to the environment and that it cuts across state -- sacred lands.>> we are so thankful for all of you and proud of each and every one of you. if you think about it and if you
12:48 pm
realize what has happened is that we have over 10,000 people coming together to create a community. it self organizes. it's self polices. >> they announced yesterday that they will not grant easements for the dakota access pipeline to cross under the missouri river reservoir. construction on the pipeline will remain on hold as officials explore alternate routes. well, the death toll is now 14 from that destructive fire. and, they say almost 1700 structures were destroyed or damaged. the fire started in the smokey mountains and over the weekend, tennessee officials say that a mass text message telling people to evacuate was never sent. they say that communications between agencies was lost cause disabled phones and electrical services. >> checking in with rosemary.
12:49 pm
boy, chilly. >> yes. we are looking at temperatures cooling off as we get into the next few days followed by rain for the second part of the week. and, we're continuing to see a lot of cloud cover. towards these, temperatures are cooler. and, again, chilly temperatures will continue. and, giving they look from the mostly cloudy skies, the wind bars coming in from the north but generally light for today. if you step back, the route of high pressure in control over the weekend it has now shifted. and, we are looking at this moving into the bay area. the clouds continued to sweep through eventually we will see some rain. and i will say the futurecast model coming up. 54 right now san francisco 52 outside of your door, 56 san jose and 52 santa rosa. so feeling on the cool side.
12:50 pm
we will not change. we will cool down more into tuesday and perhaps wednesday. an increasing cloud cover. showers are a possibility by wednesday night we are still a couple of days out but this is likely what we will see. and, it looks pretty promising as far as rainfall. most of the thursday and even into friday it looks like it will have wet weather. and perhaps, we will dry out by friday. saturday and sunday looks fairly dry at the moment. to be a look at what you can expect for your afternoon highs today under dry cloudy conditions 56 in pacifica 56 san francisco and upper 50s for livermore as we had to the north they 56 napa, the extended forecast temperatures continuing to fall off as we get into tuesday and wednesday overnight lows on the cool side. low 40s expected but again, by
12:51 pm
wednesday night increasing clouds a chance of scattered showers the rain looks to be in the forecast for thursday friday for your weekend we will call for mostly cloudy skies right now the model showed dry weather but sunday looks like it could be a bit iffy. we will continue to track that. he will need that jacket and you will need the waterproof track it best jacket. the san francisco giants have reportedly filled one of their biggest off-season needs. they will have a new closer in the bullpen they have come to terms with martin mellen. they have not yet diebold's the details however they look at 62 million over four years -- $62 million over four years. that would make him the highest- paid reliever. he pitches for pittsburgh and washington last season. he has 100 a 78 career site dashes 178 career saves. -- he has 178 career saves.
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we're going to take a quick break.
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and welcome back to our coverage of the oakland warehouse fire as rosemary has been forecasting, rain is expected later this week with maybe a couple of days here and,
12:55 pm
they addressed that issue and what it meant for the recovery effort. >> the natural desire for firefighters and anyone in public service is to quickly get in, mitigate a situation in mitigate in emergency. and in this case recovery. we will not be rescued -- we will not be acting faster to get ahead of the rain. he will be just as methodical, just as analytical to make sure that we are successful and in a full recovery in the next few days. >> reporter: and as we have been reporting, search teams have been ordered to stay out of the building. around 9 am, they went back into find out more on the cause of the fire they said that the origin most likely is in the back of the building. >> you mentioned the atf, earlier we spoke with the sheriff his agency is much involved in the investigation and to notify those who are
12:56 pm
directly affected. we also know that oakland police in oakland fire are directly involved. that -- they are also going to be looking at video from the body worn cameras that officers used using the video and gathering other information as they continue their search for what started this fire. >> we are working with other city services collectively, everyone has been working for the weekend rightfully so. the a lot of answers to provide to families and our communities. and, as we are looking at those answers we are looking at everything from our camera footage how many calls we have gone to what types of calls documentation, we are working with our planning and building apartment with our district attorney. so, we have a lot of moving parts to this end we will certainly find answers to all of these questions.
12:57 pm
>> again, the latest information that we have is that they believe it started in the back of the warehouse. it is described as a labyrinth very difficult to get her. they painted the devastating -- get through. >> yes, and filled with black smoke. >> we are in our out from the next news conference will bring that to you live right here on ktvu. >> ,,
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